Determine Your Legacy and Live a Life that is Fulfilling

Written by on August 29, 2016

It’s true that most people live lives of quiet desperation. Majority of those people are filled with regret in the end. Leaving too many things undone and failed to live life enthusiastically or with little purpose are common regrets. If one wants to live a fulfilling life, a life worthy of admiration, it’s important to determine your legacy today and begin living it immediately.

On average, most of us get roughly 70 good years. Why not make the most of those years?

Following these strategies will help unleash your legacy to begin living it:

  1. Determine your core values. Figure out what’s most important to your inner self. Take your time. We are only guaranteed one life, so make it as meaningful as possible. What truly matters in your life?
  2. Start with the end in mind. Imagine you’re on your deathbed. Where are you? Living in a luxurious mansion with a private nurse? In a nursing home? In a comfortable modest family home? What are your surroundings? Close family? What about a string of friends, family, and admirers stopping by to pay their respects?
  3. Reflect back upon your life. What has your life have been about? Spreading peace throughout the world? Building a real estate empire? Traveling the world and learning about different cultures? Mastering the piano? Becoming the most powerful person in your city? Living a well-rounded life with a close-knit family?
  • Make a list of everything that would make your life fulfilling; for example things to do, have done, and want to accomplish over the course of your lifetime. Is there a great cause to embrace? What would make you proud?
  1. Live in a way that will lead to this ending. Imagine your average weekday and weekend day. If you continue living this way for the duration of your life, how will it end? Is your path to living “your” legacy on track?
  2. Determine the first step. Determine what to achieve first. Create a set of goals with the ultimate end in mind. Start with a goal that can be achieved and begin focusing on that immediately. For example, imagine one of your goals is to climb Mount Everest. Your set of goals might look like:
  • Join a gym and get into great shape.
  • Start saving money; equipment and traveling are expensive.
  • Get a passport.
  • Take a mountaineering course on Mt. Rainier to prepare me for my next climb.
  • Climb Ecuadorian volcanoes.
  • Climb Mt. Aconcagua.
  • Climb Mt. McKinley.
  • Climb Mt. Cho Oyu.
  • Climb Mt. Everest.
  1. Get started. Take the first step. This can be the hardest part, especially if your bank account only has $158 dollar balance. It might be realistic to say that immediately building a successful billion-dollar business empire is going to take a little more time and effort, but not unachievable.
  2. Avoid losing sight of what’s most important. Avoid getting caught up in the long-term big goals. Your friends and family still need to be cared for, and they probably don’t care if your life is extraordinary or lavish. They will love you regardless if your life is prosperous or not.

Begin now to create a life that is exciting and fulfilling. Dream big, muster your courage, and get started today to make it a reality.

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