I Choose Happy

Written by on October 10, 2017

What is happiness worth to you?


For me, happiness is worth everything. For me, it is the essence of life.

Often times, I hear people say that they will be happy when they get that new job, move to a new place or find that certain someone. Does this resonate at all with you? If yes, that’s awesome!… BUT what if those things don’t happen at the speed you want them to or even at all? Are you still okay waiting to be happy?


I believe everyone can be happy. We have the power to create our happiness, we are blessed with the gift of choice. What will you choose?

Read the affirmations and thoughts below and the next time you’re feeling a bit on the downside, I ask that you pull upon these words for support. Say them to yourself, say them out loud and feel yourself realigning with your truth. Find Your Happy, it lives within YOU!

I Choose Happy.

I decide my mood and feelings. I welcome all of my feelings and as I push through my anger, my sadness, my fear, I choose to bathe in the peacefulness of the present moment. I find happiness in the here and now. I opt for love and understanding instead of resentment and ignorance. I appreciate my ability to select joy.

I am in command of my emotions, so I decide to pick happiness. My circumstances are only one part of my wellbeing. I get to choose not to react, but to respond to them.

I count my blessings with each thought. I allow gratitude to be my guide.

I center my thoughts on the positive aspects of my existence. I think of all the things that I have instead of what I don’t have.

I smile and I share my joy with others. I know my facial expressions affect my mind, so I stay away from frowning.

I allow myself to receive support from my network of friends and family members.It helps me to stay happy.

I practice disciplines that increase my joy and gratitude. I focus on personal growth, so my life’s journey is more varied.

I treat myself and indulge in healthy hobbies to increase my happiness. I give my body and mind the rest and nourishment they deserve.

Today, I decide to make happiness my main objective. I make sure joy fills every aspect of my daily tasks. I let love to overflow from my heart and happiness to sparkle in my every conversation.

Self-Reflecting Journaling:

1. How can I find the right balance of nutrients to nourish my mind?
2. What type of spiritual food works best for my mind?
3. How can I avoid negative thoughts that cloud my mind?

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