Stella’s Work

Stella’s Work

Happiness Is A Skill.

Through my programs and workshops, I show you how to cultivate the skill of lasting happiness with a system based on the laws of life and the principles of success. You are more than you think you are and if you’re ready to take responsibility for your happiness and live your most authentic life, I’m ready to empower you and guide you to your ideal life.

Though I work with clients from different backgrounds, each experiencing their own unique trials, I’ve found that the most common theme is a persistent feeling that something is missing. They often share with me that they feel a sense of lack, but are unable to pinpoint the source of their unrest.

You may find that you feel overwhelmed, lonely, and generally unfulfilled in your personal life or you may be feeling a sense of complacency and disinterest in your professional life. You may be stressed in your workplace or irritated by your coworkers’ lack of empathy.

You may have recently undergone a major life experience or change. Afraid to try love again after marital transitions, frustrated and exhausted after professional burnouts, navigating through a lost sense of identity with empty nest syndrome, struggling with self-worth after retiring from the workforce,

No matter what trials life has handed you, you can begin to change your mindset. If you’re ready for a change but not quite sure how to begin, I’m here to support you. If you know you have to do something about the relationship that’s not going anywhere, the job that’s no longer rewarding, or the big dream you’re too afraid to realize, I’m here to guide you.Save



My Coaching Is For You If:

You are looking to get more out of life and are ready to do something about it.

You're feeling uninspired and complacent and know it’s time to move beyond your comfort zone.

You are willing to take the next step to living a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

You know that moving forward means following your heart.

I use an effective, proven system that works. We begin by examining your priorities to establish what matters to you the most. Once we determine that, we create an effective plan and set up actionable goals in order to create the desired outcome. This system has inspired and empowered dozens of people including myself to live a happy and fulfilling life.

We are all looking for more happiness, but so few of us make it our mission to pursue it. Becoming the best version of ourselves is a skill that we aren’t taught in school. It’s an art that we can master once we learn to truly understand who we are as a person by examining what our beliefs, values, and perceptions are. I believe we must “Know Thyself” and “Be Thyself” for a happier, fulfilling, and meaningful life.Save



I will Show You How To:

1. Discover what makes you feel truly happy.

2. Stop the mind’s negative chatter-box.

3. Delete reacting and move into responding to life’ wake-up calls.

4. Turn the knowledge of the past into today’s wisdom.

5. Break free through the act of forgiveness.

6. Elevate your life through gratitude.

If you are ready to experience less stress, more happiness, a deeper sense of inner peace, and a zest for life, I invite you to join me for a 30-minute complimentary discovery session to see if the Find Your Happy program is the right fit for you.Save



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