3 Quick Steps to Help You Remember Names


3 Quick Steps to Help You Remember Names

Nice to see you again, Saaa... Sousan? Sally? Janette! Oops... So Sorry.

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Do you find it awkward or even embarrassing when you’re unable to recall someone’s name – especially when they remember yours?
The other day while attending a social event, I heard a familiar face saying to me: “I know we’ve met before and I am so sorry I don’t remember your name…” I could tell she wasn’t too pleased by that and blamed her memory for it.

Sounds familiar?

We’ve all experienced at one time or another those uncomfortable moments when the brain draws a blank and forgets.  Even though some people seem to have an inherent talent for remembering names, we’re not all that fortunate.

No worries though, the good news is that you can master this important social skill. Of course, it begins with you. Stop saying that you’re bad at remembering names and start believing that you’re really good at it.

3 Quick Steps To Help You Remember Names

How can you make this happen?

Put to practice this 3 quick step process to help you memorize names the first time you meet someone.

1. Step One:

This step will help you to impress it into your short-term memory.

Start imprinting the person’s name in your mind, right away. When we first meet someone new, we tend to run away from the moment by focusing on being polite. If you do, shift your focus on the person. Bring your attention to their name and make eye contact with them as you restate it.

If you don’t catch the name, just ask: “I didn’t quite catch your name; could you repeat it?” Then, when they say their name, say it back to them to ensure you get it right, like, “Oh, very nice to meet you, Jane Austin.”

2. Step Two:

Repeat the name. After you’ve said the name of the person back to them, repeat it to yourself at least 3-times— “Jane Austin, Jane Austin, Jane Austin.”

To solidify the name into your memory bank, repeat it to yourself a few times throughout the day. This helps you transfer the information into your long-term memory. A thought like: “Today, I met Jane Austin.” Any type of repetition of the person’s name will help you remember it later.

3. Step Three:

Associate the name to an image in your mind. This step is very effective. Create a mental picture of the person that will help you remember their name.

Quick Tip: #1

For example, if the person’s name is Rose White, imagine her sitting in a white chair holding a bouquet of white roses. The more elaborate and detailed your mental picture, the more likely you are to recall the person’s name.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Quick Tip #2

Of course, there will be instances when the person’s name is not an object (like Rose) or color (like White). In such instances, visualize a picture that will help you remember the person’s name.

For example, if the person’s name is Gloria Armstrong; imagine her singing the hymn, “Gloria” while pumping iron (think “arms strong”). The more amusing or zanier your mental picture visualizing the person, the more likely it is you’ll remember their name.

No more struggle to remember names...

It begins by laying the foundation with patience, practice and commitment but beyond that nurturing the right attitude of “I can” is really the key to success here. And as always give it time to learn this skill.

Quick Tip #3

On your way of mastering this process you can always make a quick note in your journal or phone of the person’s name, where you met and some details, depending of course on the importance knowing this person holds.

Who doesn’t want to be remembered?

We know that one important factor for successful memory storage is repetition. Whether you decide to use some or all these steps to remember names, one thing is for sure. You will increase your ability to recall someone’s name later. So, remember to strengthen your memory for names by taking the time and making the effort to practice what you learned in this article.

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Next step?

Put the steps to work for you and you’ll be happily surprised at how successfully you will start recalling names of people you’ve only briefly met.

Need help taking the first step?

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Got value out of this writing?

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