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Do you believe miracles happen every day? Regardless of your answer, spend one hour with Stella Frances and you will experience one.  William D.


The seminar was enlightening and delightful. Stella helped me realize that my happiness lives in my heart and that no one can take it away from me.   Sheree W.


Stella gave us tips on staying happy beyond this moment. That was very powerful and thought-provoking info.  Frank R.


Thank you, Stella, your authenticity shines through!
Stella comes from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. In doing so, she gives you the permission to do the same. You can see your truth through her special words of wisdom and guidance. I loved your 21-habits of happiness.  Michele R.


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Wonderful, heartfelt seminar with an amazing and beautifully spirited speaker.  Thank you, Stella!   Lori B.


A good tune-up for everyone!  Curtis A.


Stella lives what she teaches and speaks the love – to be in her presence just makes you happy. Love your work Stella!   Michelle C.


Never give up, no matter what is happening in your life. With gratitude you can still be happy.  Nathalie K.


Do yourself a favor. Attend Stella’s next event.  Darlis M.

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