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What if 2022 already took you closer to your dreams...

Ready to Chart Your Course?

Want to set yourself on a direction in life that changes everything?

Let’s make this YOUR YEAR!

The flamingo has evolved to live with beauty, poise and elegance in situations no other animal can survive. If they can do it by making the changes that matter, why can’t you chart the course to your dreams in 2023?

I want you to take 60 seconds and reflect on that image.
I know what you’re seeing before your eyes.


Be Your Dreams in 2023!


My unique “Chart Your Course” lifestyle improvement guide is designed to show you that you’ve already achieved so much more than you ever realized. Why? Because then you can use it as emotional fuel to go out there and shape 2023 any way you want:


How is this even possible?

There are three little things I need you to do…

-love Yourself...

and what you achieved in 2022, despite everything else

-Dream Bigger...

than ever before so 2023 takes shape before your eyes

-Step Forward...

with the elegance of a flamingo and create your winning mindset

Not sure how to take the first step?

I can show you the way…

One Click Changes Everything

Chart Your Course For 2023

— This Is Your Year!


Let’s make this happen!

Hi! I'm Stella Frances, the creator of Live Happily™ Secrets and the Stella Notes book series. I teach the art of lasting happiness and the process of personal development.

As a Jack Canfield Success Trainer and DreamBuilder Coach, and as a lifelong believer that self-awareness, positive thinking and dreaming big are the secrets to happiness and success, I made it my mission to share these principles with the world.

I believe that with the right mindset we truly can conquer, overcome and climb over any obstacle the winds of life bring to us. My passion lies in helping people like yourself, release the unique potential for happiness and achievement that lies within.


Ready to Be Bold in 2023?

Honestly, the next click will define the rest of 2023…

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