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Welcome and thank you for joining the stella frances partner program!

A very warm welcome to our happy family. I am very excited to see you join my partner program.  Our mission here is to help people live better and happier lives.  Everyone deserves to be happy, together we can make a difference.

In the next few days you will receive an email from us with your affiliate information and instructions how to access your affiliate dashboard. I wish you great success!

To Your Happiness,
Stella Frances

Live Happily Secrets System Creates Results

Here’s the difference you can make in someone else’s life. In the next section you will read the words of real people who have taken our classes or experienced our products and services.

what clients say about LIVE HAPPILY coaching...

what clients say about LIVE HAPPILY coaching...

I once saw a movie with Burt Lancaster in which he said that in order for things to remain the same, we need to change. And this is how Stella Frances helped me. I learned to allow myself to choose to move forward. I changed for the better because Stella showed me how to dig deep into my soul and bring out the best in me.
Frank V
Frank V
With Stella's mentoring, guidance and encouragement, I was able to rediscover my personal values and career passion. Creating the confidence to pursue a position that brings me happiness with a financially abundant future. Thank you!
smiling woman
Georgia K
With Stella's mentoring, guidance and encouragement, I was able to rediscover my personal values and career passion. Creating the confidence to pursue a position that brings me happiness with a financially abundant future. Thank you!
Lynette Marker
Lynette M
Stella got me to think deeply about my Dream and how to attain it, and made me aware of things that short circuit its attainment. She gave me the tools to live by that were necessary to attain my goal.
stuart walls
Stuart W

what clients say about LIVE HAPPILY Presentations...

More words of praise for our happiness seminars...

Do you believe miracles happen every day? Regardless of your answer, spend one hour with Stella Frances and you will experience one.  William D.

The seminar was enlightening and delightful. Stella helped me realize that my happiness lives in my heart and that no one can take it away from me.   Sheree W.

Stella gave us tips on staying happy beyond this moment. That was very powerful and thought-provoking info.  Frank R.

Your authenticity shines through. Stella comes from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. In doing so, she gives you the permission to do the same. You can see your truth through her special words of wisdom and guidance. I loved your 21-habits of happiness.  Michele R.

Wonderful, heartfelt seminar with an amazing and beautifully spirited speaker.  Thank you, Stella!   Lori B.

A good tune-up for everyone!  Curtis A.

Stella lives what she teaches and speaks the love – to be in her presence just makes you happy. Love your work Stella!   Michelle C.

Never give up, no matter what is happening in your life. With gratitude you can still be happy.  Nathalie K.

Do yourself a favor. Attend Stella’s next event.  Darlis M.

Live Happily Secrets: The Products and Services

Here are links to some of the tools and resources available to you for promoting...

Discovery Call


LIVE HAPPILY: ignite the spark in your heart. Be Authentic.

Live Happily Library


Learn, Practice & Master The LIVE HAPPILY Secrets.

Free Resources

woman holding her hatstella

Find Valuable resources to support you on your journey.

The Calendar


Stay up to date with what's happening. Classes, seminars and private programs

Stella’s Books Theory and Practice. 

Master Happiness through vital topics with exercises & workbooks

Happy Frames


Art that inspires and motivates you throught the day at home or at work

Here's a link to the home page of our sister website: The Library

Mastering Life & Business Happiness

how would you like to Find Your Passion, Uncover Your Potential And Live The Life You Want?

You can achieve all that with a LIVE HAPPILY membership. Find the on that fits your style and start developing the attitude of lasting happiness and success in every area of your life.

As you can see we are busy bees happily creating new classes on topics that really matter and can make a difference in helping people live happier, healthier, better lives.We do this with great zest and enthusiasm because helping others be happier is what makes us happy.

Are you ready to earn online by promoting services and tools that actually make a real difference?  Enjoy the process because you’ll be helping others in a truly authentic way.

Let's make a difference!

I believe to live a more fulfilling, happier life we must bring our whole-self to the arena of life: Our unique personality. Our sacred spirituality. Our awesome sense of humor. Then, we can truly experience the beauty and magic of life.Stella Frances

  Through my step-by-step LIVE HAPPILY SECRETS SYSTEM offers private coaching, group trainings, seminars, classes, and self-guided programs.  Together we can help people learn how to turn stagnation, frustration or breakdowns into forward movement that creates breakthroughs. 

Stella, your kindness, generosity, and courage rock my world. Many joyful things have happened I believe because I committed to me, you, and your program. Tasks that have sat for years were suddenly easy to complete, more business has flowed into my life. Didn’t matter how imperfectly or maybe even because I did not color inside the lines. Progress, not perfection!
Success Stories
~Nancy W.
Diplomat Certified Craniosacral Therapist
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