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Capture Positivity & Reclaim Your Life

30 Days of Creating A Positive Perspective and Overcoming Barriers To Success with Stella Frances

How Will You Claim Your Happiness In Just 4 Weeks?

Join Stella Frances for 30 Days of discovering how Nurturing A Positive Outlook and becoming more optimistic can change everything In Your Life...


Finding inspiration for your optimism will change everything…

-Searching for a way to connect with the positive signals your mind can create?
-Want to work on reframing negatives into positives in a way that really works?


You’ve come to the right place!

There’s someone you need to meet…

A simple, kind and polite man wakes before sunrise in Kaptagat, high in the Kenyan hills. Everything around him is spartan, bar the $300 trainers he laces up. He moves, stretches, and soon starts running. He glides across the ground, barely touching it as he pushes out mile after mile like a metronome. He returns to his base, stretches, eats and goes to sleep.
Every day of his life is like this, except for a small number of days each year when the rest of the world sees the fruits of his many thousands of hours on the biggest stages in sport. His name is Eliud Kipchoge, he believes no human is limited, and his internal sense of optimism made him the first man to run under 2 hours for the marathon.

When everyone told him it was impossible, he went in the same new direction you can by learning to:



Capture Positivity & Reclaim Your Life

This 4-Week course is designed to show you how to live in the same positive way as Eliud. By creating a daily routine to help nurture and support a positive mindset, you will be able to free yourself from negative thinking in a way that truly will transform your life:

FLIP THE SCRIPT will help you uncover your positivity, establish new habits, tackle negative thoughts and reclaim your life. The life you know you can have. As a valued participant of this 4-week mini class you will receive the tools, teaching, inspiration, accountability, and support you need to discover the power of positive thinking and build a happier, healthier you.

And I will be there to support you every step of the way in an intimate online setting as your personal coach with accountability, commitment, and expert feedback. And all that from the comfort of your own home.

This 4-Week LIVE Group Program Includes:

LIVE Calls with Stella Frances

Get the training that will empower you to achieve your goals (and so much more) with personal growth training. 4 x 60-Minutes calls allow you to ask and clarify anything

Weekly Action & Accountability

In addition to getting insight and advice on your challenges, we’ll help hold you accountable for completing written assignments and pairing you up with an optional accountability partner

7-Day Challenge & Giveaways!

There's nothing like a challenge for getting things done! That's why I'm adding in some fun by offering a super cool challenge with great prizes and giveaways

Online Access to Class Materials

All action guides, workbooks, bonus content, and more are available to you 24/7 throughout the program

Club-Happy Community

Results-focused Private Facebook Group where our active members gather to celebrate wins, post questions and challenges, and get the support they need to make incredible progress on their goals

You will love learning with us because it’s super-interactive and optimized for fun. It's the mentorship, structure, and accountability you need to achieve something incredible!

some of the areas we focus on...


Health and Mindset


Choice and Balance


Love and Boundaries

how will you benefit?

Positive Mindset

Negative Triggers Awareness

Find your Happy

Focus on what matters

Renewed Energy

Create a happy environment

Powerful Routine

Set new important habits

By Enrolling in this class You will also be joining a positive, enthusiastic group of people who are highly motivated to create purpose-filled lives!

What Are You Waiting For?

Spots Are Limited So Grab Your Place Before It's Gone!

what happy clients are saying

I once saw a movie with Burt Lancaster in which he said that in order for things to remain the same, we need to change. And this is how Stella Frances helped me. I learned to allow myself to choose to move forward. I changed for the better because Stella showed me how to dig deep into my soul and bring out the best in me.
Frank V
Frank V
Thank you Stella for helping me get unstuck! Stella's coaching tools, programs, strategies and method together with her true caring, vibrant personality and contagious optimism helped me discover my dream and take action to make it happen through my creative expression in Art and Interior Design.
smiling woman
Georgia K
With Stella's mentoring, guidance and encouragement, I was able to rediscover my personal values and career passion. Creating the confidence to pursue a position that brings me happiness with a financially abundant future. Thank you!
Lynette Marker
Lynette M
Stella got me to think deeply about my Dream and how to attain it, and made me aware of things that short circuit its attainment. She gave me the tools to live by that were necessary to attain my goal.
stuart walls
Stuart W
Working with Stella has helped me in so many ways it would take a lifetime to write them all. I will say that I feel more balanced, focused, compassionate, and aware than I have ever felt before. I made some critical decisions about my professional life and I am now enjoying it all. Recognizing how far I have come with the work that I have done amazes me every time.
~ Katie C.
Radiologic technologist

“A life-changing experience.”

It changed their lives, and it will change yours too!

Let’s make this happen!


Hi, I'm Stella Frances...Your Advisor, Mentor and Coach

I am the author of the successful book series Stella Notes and the creator of LIVE HAPPILY™ Coaching Systems. As a certified Success Trainer and Life Coach I’ve made it my mission to spread happiness and positivity around the globe.  I have helped hundreds of people become happier, build successful careers and live meaningful and fulfilling lives. My goal and  intention is to help you achieve your goals and breakthroughs! 



Capture Positivity & Reclaim Your Life

30-Days To Understand The Pitfalls That Stand Between You And Happiness, How To Change Your Thinking Habits, Maintain A Positive Perspective and Overcome Barriers To Success

Who needs to begin this journey?

I’ve been thinking about these questions for so many years and I think I have finally found the answer: You

I understand how you’re feeling, what you’re going through, and why you might feel there’s simply nothing else that comes after this.

How do I know this?  Because I have been exactly you are right now.

I can also tell you that when you believe in even the tiniest positive thought, everything else in life starts to change before your very eyes. I did it and I know it works!

tools to Set Your Blueprint For Success

I can tell there’s something you’re thinking about right now…

Why is this a journey for YOU?

If that sounds like you, I can’t wait for you to join us!

What will you gain?

-Learn how to foster a positive mindset that sets you free to be the real YOU

-Transform how your mind approaches life so nothing slows you down

-Create positive change in your life from the ground up right now

If even 1% of your mind believes you can enhance your life, you’ll prove yourself right before you know it.

With this class
-More positivity
-More focus
-More happiness
-More ideas
-More direction

Without this class
-Still struggling with negatives
-Lack of positive inspiration
-Limitations on what you achieve
-Feeling like it will never change
-A constant level of self-doubt


Capture Positivity & Reclaim Your Life

How will your life change? You will experience big shifts quickly and enjoy greater happiness, clarity, confidence, and optimism as you work on creating a positive mindset.

If you believe change is possible, 
everything else becomes possible too. 

choose to take your happiness and success to the next level!

choose to take your happiness and success to the next level!

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