I Approach Uncertainty with an Open Mind

Approach Uncertainty with an Open Mind

I Approach Uncertainty with an Open Mind

There will be times in your life where you don’t know which way to turn or you don’t know if you have what it takes to “face the storm”, maybe you’re going through one of those times right now!

Let me tell you, you do have what it takes!

It’s totally within you and you simply need to reprogram your way of thinking. Don’t let your doubts hold you back! Don’t let your fear keep you at a stand still and never think you don’t have what it takes.

I invite you to change the way you face uncertain times. It might seem impossible, but if you adopt some of the thoughts and self reflections you’ll find below into your life, slowly, but surely you’ll start seeing change.

Try using these new ways of thinking when you’re faced with a confusing time.

I Approach Uncertainty with an Open Mind.

I believe in myself and my abilities to make it through challenging times. Whenever I face uncertainty, I ensure to keep my mind open.

I constantly remind myself that there are various ways to solve a difficulty. Instead of getting restless and worked up, I breathe deeply and keep calm. Keeping a calm demeanor contributes to a clear mind for providing solutions.

Whenever a new work opportunity comes up, I avoid doubting myself. My aptitude equips me to conquer new prospects.

I use past experiences to guide my actions. Considering my accomplishments gives me the confidence to tackle something unfamiliar. Those wins provide a foundation from which to tackle the newness in front of me.

Uncertainty sometimes occurs when I face a difference of opinion with my close friends. Underlying tension sometimes rises to the surface, but I put it aside.

When I remind myself of the positive history that we have, my mind opens up. Thinking of our foundation boosts my confidence in a positive outcome. I know that where there is a will to preserve our relationship, there is a way to resolve the situation.

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Today, there is very little that I am afraid to confront because I keep my mind open. I recognize that embracing the possibilities of the unknown opens up great opportunities for me. My life is filled with wonderful blessings because I take on challenges with confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

-What do I tell myself in order to build my confidence?
-Which situations are particularly challenging to deal with?
-When is it okay to say that I am unable to handle a situation on my own?

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