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katie collucio
Katie Coluccio

I have been coaching with Stella for well over a year. She has always been there for me and has always pointed me in a direction where I felt that it was the right path for me. When she told me about The Passport Program, things in my life showed up that I believe were signs for me to join this group. Let me say that I am very grateful that I did. I waited until the week before it started to tell Stella that I would join. She accepted me with open arms.

During The Passport Program, I learned to decide what I want, to make goals, to listen to myself, to monitor how I treated myself and others, and the steps to achieve my goals and my ultimate vision for my life.

This structured program and Stella’s help have led me to believe that I can do anything. I can live my life in awareness and consciousness. I will not “float” through life and let things happen. I have chosen to make things happen. I will live an examined life. With the tools I have learned in this program, I now know how to manifest things that I want in my life.

This program has helped me in so many ways it would take a lifetime to write them all. I will say that I feel more balanced, focused, compassionate, and aware than I have ever felt before. I made some critical decisions about my professional life and I am now enjoying it all. Recognizing how far I have come with the work that I have done amazes me every time. I would not be where I am without Stella and The Passport Program.

“The Journey” Coaching Program

After completing The Passport Program, there was no question that I would continue to work with Stella in The Journey. I was excited to continue my training to actualize my potential and reach my goals. Now, after completing the Journey, I have come to know myself and I am able to see my value much more clearly. This has allowed me to see that I can ask and it will be given. It is quite a revelation!

I have also come to learn that there are things that I will no longer tolerate in my life. This has led to an unbelievable sense of freedom! I have let go of things and people that do not add value to my life. My positive attitude has been given a boost during this program. I love life and I am excited to see what comes next. These things both hold great value for me.

Stella’s compassion and generosity have helped me in ways I cannot express. She is one of the most intelligent and honest, trustworthy and generous people I have ever met. To say she is not only a coach but also a friend is an understatement.

Katie Coluccio

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