A client’s Story of Transformation

nancy ferraro
Nancy Ferraro

I came to Stella Frances wrapped up in my story. The person who I once knew as me was lost; the young girl who saw herself as an attorney with a briefcase full of “change the world power”. I believed that the hurts, sadness, insults, and hardships that made up the history of my first fifty years on this planet were the contents of my being.

I was afraid to stand in my truth because I was so disconnected from my core that I had lost touch with why I am here and what I am meant to do.

After having raised a handicapped child from Romania and living the horrors of his past acted out in my home and against me, I came to believe in myself as the victim. And I set myself to living the postscript of my life as George’s mother, a woman barely surviving. I came to believe that that was the best I could expect from my life… the remnants of survival.

Working with Stella healed me in places I didn’t know were broken. Stella gently guided me to see that the relationship with my sister, which had been broken for twenty years, was in need of repair. Even though I resisted, saying I had done everything I could to mend fences, Stella persisted. She helped me reach out in courage and love. My sister and I now have a close relationship, and I have an important part of my family back. That part of her coaching radiated into all of my relationships, especially the most important one, my relationship with myself.

Stella helped me uncover the power that was always within me and the courage that I had forgotten I had. She helped me to remember the little girl with the briefcase who, indeed, was put here to change her corner of the world.

After working with Stella, I realized that I am NOT my story. I am a person who cares deeply about those around me; the fact that people may try to take advantage of my kind nature does not change the core of my being.

I am now a person who is standing in my mission and fully in touch with my raison d’etre: to explain the law to women who have undergone major changes in their lives, in a way that makes sense in their every day decision making. I do it with heart, compassion, and purpose; without the shadow of history. The experience of my handicapped child only serves to inform my connection with other women who have undergone dramatic change or hardship.

With Stella’s help, I realized that I have a purpose here that is larger than me. I am a Florida based attorney, and owner of Ferraro Law, PA, a law firm in Stuart, Florida. I serve women who have undergone major life changes and who want to show up every day in a bigger way; by explaining the law and helping them protect the people and things that they love the most in the way in which they want to protect them.

Proudly a Stella Frances client and now friend,

Nancy Ferraro, Esq.
Ferraro Law, PA

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