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Meet Your Happiness Coach

Hello there! My name is Stella and I am thrilled to be here with you.
As a Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Jack Canfield Success Trainer and Mary Morrissey DreamBuilder Coach, I’ve had the honor and privilege of assisting countless people in achieving their goals and live the life of their dreams. 

But let’s not make this about me – I want to focus on you! By the time you finish reading this short page, my hope is that you will feel inspired and empowered to take your next step towards your own goals and aspirations. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

Your Unique Journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Step by step

Life is made up of little steps that follow on from one another, and it’s rare that you find one single moment that can define the rest of your life. My job is to show you that you’ve arrived at one of those rare moments and give you the inspiration and self belief that will allow you to make the most of it in your own personal way.

Dreams take shape

By showing you that you can dream big, secure the happiness you want in life, and do it all by staying true to who you are on the inside, we’ll work together to make the world a happier place. It won’t happen in an instant, and there won’t be any promises of overnight miracles here — just simple, honest, real-world techniques and strategies that let you get the most out of life.

Direction in your life

Everything you’ll learn when we connect is directed towards your dreams for life and turning them into reality in a way that you feel comfortable with. That means you can put thoughts of endless sacrifice and missing out to one side and instead focus on shaping the kind of life you want to lead from the ground up.

My hopes for you

From my own experiences I can tell you that this approach really does change the way you see the world and allow you to do so much more than anyone else thought possible. You see, one step at a time we’ll build a toolkit and lay out a plan that connects you with your own personal secrets to the happy life of your dreams.

My vision for your journey

You can think of this as a journey that begins with the smallest of steps and gets you to where you want to go as long as you keep moving with me. Along the way you can enjoy new experiences, confront limiting beliefs and show yourself that you have the energy, power and motivation to make it all possible. And if the experience of everyone else I’ve worked with is a guide, you’ll find that you had it deep within you all along.

A decision you need to make…

So, where will you go now? You know where I want to take you. You know where you are right now. You know that dreams can come true.

Ready when you are…

It’s time we created a plan to take you to the future you’ve always wanted.

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