Resilience At Work and 5 Ways To Boost It!

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Resilience at Work and why you need it...

The workplace is an intensely competitive field that can often be highly stressful. It is also constantly evolving and presents numerous challenges. So, how can you successfully navigate your work life under these circumstances?

To do that you have to have resilience. A quality that can be cultivated and boils down to two basic elements: one is to have the ability to cope with the difficult situations that arise in the corporate arena and the second is to have the ability to adjust accordingly.

What is resilience?

In general, resilience is the ability to face adversity and come up with ways to overcome it. This ability, however, requires self-control, emotional regulation, a positive mindset, and a problem-solving outlook.

It consists of taking initiative instead of succumbing to unhealthy coping mechanisms like denial, putting the blame on others or “the system”, and feeling guilty and depressed. And it is deeply connected with having a proactive approach to situations.

Resilient people thrive at perceiving obstacles as an inherent part of everyday life rather than a personal threat. Resilience, whatsoever, is the basis to move things forward when they reach a bottleneck.

Resilience at Work: Why is resilience important in the workplace?

Resilience is not only important for survival. It is crucial for success too. You need it in your life, not to mention your workplace which is a microcosmos of our society. And at times much more demanding since your performance is being monitored all the time and evaluated.  So, having resilience at work can offer you many things like:

  • -better coping with challenges
  • -better adapting to change
  • -more self-confidence to move your career forward
  • -opportunities to shine your light and get noticed
  • -opportunities to build a supportive network
  • -the chance to show and cultivate your leadership qualities
  • -reduced possibility of burnout or leaving your work
  • -enhanced satisfaction from your work and your overall well-being
  • -contributing to the overall success of your company
  • -and finally, more chances to grow as a professional and a person

See? Resilience in the workplace is the ticket to a successful career and a successful business. A resilient workforce is a real asset for every company and CEOs must invest in cultivating it in their teams.


“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it.”

Resilience at Work: 5 ways to boost resilience in the workplace

Which brings us to the next subject. How to build resilience in the workplace?  Since resilience is a skill that can be built, you can take intentional steps to claim it before your managers see to it via relevant learning courses.

Here is what you can do to get ahead of your coworkers, secure your position in the working arena and enjoy more your professional life.

1. Identify your strong and soft points

It all starts with you. Having a clear and objective view of yourself as an employee, regardless of your position, is a prerequisite for advancing your resilience in the workplace. So, write down your skills, all of them including your character traits, and find ways to promote them.

On the other hand, discover your shortcomings and work towards eliminating them. If you gossip, stop. If you show up late, stop. If you don’t engage with your colleagues, start connecting more. And if you lack a skill you think is necessary for your tasks roll up to that workshop.

2. Manage your time and declutter

You can’t be productive or resilient if you don’t manage your time efficiently or your office space is piled up with paperwork and stuff.

Time management is essential to get your tasks done on time and is something that is up to you. So, every morning organize your daily schedule and stick to it. That means no pointless chatting in the corridors or scrolling aimlessly on the internet.

The same goes for your office space. Having a neat and organized desk helps you be more concentrated on your job and saves you time from searching for things when you need them. It also sends out a more professional image of you and builds trust in you by your managers.

3. Create purpose in your work

Showing up every day at work just to get the job done will not boost your resilience. Instead, if you find or create a purpose in what you do with a positive mindset, will get your resilience levels to increase.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • How is my work contributing to the company and its success? 
  • How can I offer more from this position? 
  • Is there a problem I have noticed and what could I propose to my managers as a solution?

Answers to these questions can level up your engagement in your job and give meaning to what you do every day while promoting your resilience.

4. Have goals

Goals give you motive. So take some time and think about what you want to achieve in the next months and take proper action. Having a clear professional plan will help you set boundaries, say no to things that don’t serve you, and remain focused on the things you can control.

Other than that, it will raise your self-confidence and help you send out a more secure persona. Resilience will then follow because it goes with goal-setting and the effort to achieve them.

5. Cater to your well-being

Finally, cater to your needs. If you are not feeling well at work, you can’t be much of a resilient employee. 

Sleep well, nourish yourself healthily (yes bring your sandwich from home), hydrate yourself, abstain from too much caffeine, and take frequent breaks to stretch and even meditate for a couple of minutes.

Feeling good in the workplace is essential for your well-being and a prerequisite for building resilience at work.

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Resilience at Work: Need an extra resilience boost at work?

Resilience is not built overnight. It takes time and effort. And intention. If you struggle with finding the resilience, you need to cope with the challenges that pop up in the workplace don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I am only a 30-minute free-of-charge consultation call away. In our short encounter, we will discuss how you see yourself in your organization, and what you want to improve and make up a custom roadmap so you can conquer any challenges you face with resilience. My long experience working in corporate environments along with my professional background as a certified life coach and success trainer will help you unleash your potential and make you thrive in the workplace.

So, what are you waiting for?

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“Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

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