Resilient Leadership: How To Lead And Thrive Despite Adversity

resilient leadership
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Resilient leaders have it all together. Their ability to conquer adversity and lead to turn setbacks into opportunities for progress for their teams and organization is what distinguishes them from the average bosses.

Resilience is our ability to react adaptively to change and hardship. When having resilience we can’t only bounce back from any failure or trouble without breaking in the face of them. We can also take it a step further; making the most out of our misfortune and grow. Resilient leadership is about flexibility, tenacity, and growth at the same time.


The basic elements of resilient leadership

Here is what resilient leadership boils down to:
  • Physical resilience is the body’s capacity to endure stress effectively while being healthy and strong.
  • Mental resilience is the ability to maintain an objective view of any situation and with a problem-solving approach that promotes creativity.
  • Emotional resilience has to do with the ability to regulate your emotions and having the self-control to respond consciously and intentionally to your environment
  • Social resilience is the ability to relate and cooperate well with others with advanced emotional intelligence.

These 4 basic elements set up the main framework that allows a leader to be resilient and manage successfully any failure, misfortune, or crisis he comes across with. But, they also contribute to a more meaningful and happy living in and outside the workplace.

“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on, it is going on when you don’t have the strength.”

What do resilient leaders have in common?

A resilient leader can be a valuable asset to his organization. He can navigate himself successfully in uncertainty as well as lead his team to perform effectively during times of change and transition.

Resilient leaders tend to have in common traits like:

  • Maintaining self-control and emotional equilibrium under stress
  • Having a proactive mindset and a problem-solving approach
  • Having the ability to cope with adversity and adapt easily to change
  • Accepting their merit in any situation and handling mistakes and downturns with grace
  • Exuding confidence and steadiness during times of crisis
  • Contemplating difficult experiences to gain insight and discover the “lesson”
  • Leading with compassion without burdening their team with anxiety
  • Investing in their personal growth including their health and well-being

How to practice resilient leadership: 5 practical tips

Resilient leaders build resilient teams which can in turn be way more productive for their company along with feeling happier at work.
So, how do you cultivate resilient leadership? 

Well, you can start by following these 5 useful steps:

1. Become more self-aware

You have to monitor your reactions to unpredicted events and the stress they inflict. Do you become nervous? Do you lose your temper and get aggressive? Since you are in the spotlight and your team gets influenced by your behavior, start being more aware of how you carry yourself so you can begin to manage effectively your feelings and responses.

2. Cultivate a positive mindset

A positive mindset can instill hope in your group and boost their confidence in handling adversity successfully. It can also teach them to find each time the silver lining and work towards discovering solutions and opportunities instead of getting anxious and freezing. What’s more, being positive is more inspiring for your people. So, have trust that everything will turn out fine in the end, and take intentional action to secure the best possible outcome.

3. Trust your team and delegate

If you want to practice resilient leadership is essential to have trust in your team and delegate more. Discover who is best at what and trust them with doing the job. 

Multitasking and micromanaging can deprive you of precious time and energy to do other things more important for you like learning and recharging. You can’t be a resilient leader if you don’t count on your people. They are not called human resources by chance. So, “use” them wisely.

4. Strengthen your focus and your self-care routine

When you are focused on what you do you can do it more effectively and in less time. Learn to avoid unnecessary distractions. Plan your day and week and stick to your schedule. Increased focus makes you more productive. But it takes self-discipline. 

The same goes for your self-care routine. You must have one and it needs to be concrete. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthily and practice meditation. You need to be in good shape to perform. And set the right example for your team too.

5. Invest in yourself

A resilient leader is dedicated to self-development and constant learning. He knows the worth of continuous studying and skill upgrading and puts effort into it. 

Read. Roll up to seminars. Get in touch with other leaders and exchange perspectives and experiences. Listen to podcasts and interviews of pioneers in your field and apply your newly gained knowledge in the work field. Hire a coach if you need to. Many managers stick to old behaviors and self-sabotage their evolution and the progress of their teams. Don’t be one of them.

Are you ready for more resilient leadership?

To thrive in the professional arena, especially if you are a team leader you must cultivate resilient leadership. And the same goes for your colleagues too. You want resilient co-workers to deliver the best possible outcome, be self-leading, and remain effective in times of crisis or any difficult transition.

If you are serious about it and want fast results I am here for you. And I am only a 30-minute free-of-charge consultation call away. 

In our brief yet in-depth session we can discover together the blocks that hurdle you from being a resilient leader and design a custom plan to enhance your resilient leadership performance. We can also detect the needs of your team and decide on practical tools and tricks you can use to help them build more resilience in themselves.

High-performing leaders need resilience to lead and inspire. So, are you ready for more resilient leadership?

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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

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