Know Yourself: The Way to Live An Authentic Life


Know thyself: a phrase that is centuries old yet with a timeless value. And at the same time one that represents a task so hard to achieve.

Attributed to Chilon the Lacedaemonian, one of the seven sages of antiquity, this phrase is engraved on the oracle of Delphi and was widely used by Socrates.

Know yourself, its meaning is everlasting and clear and states the challenge, the imperative, and the necessity of knowing ourselves to the core.

But why self-knowledge is so important? And how well do you know yourself? Or to put it in another way, do you really know yourself? Or do you think you know yourself?

In this article, you will gain some precious insight into self-knowledge and its impact on creating an authentic and meaningful life.
So come along.

What does “know yourself” mean in the first place?

As simple as it may sound, this famous Ancient Greek aphorism has a much deeper meaning.

Self-knowledge is first of all to have a clear picture of the total sum of who you truly are as a person; not merely as a wife or husband, son or daughter, boss or employee, but as your true self. At its core.

Getting to know yourself consists of discovering initially your likes and dislikes. What you can accept and what you can’t accept.

What you are good at but what you are bad at as well. Your strong points and your flaws. Your desires and your ambitions. But, it also goes way beyond that.

Most importantly, it means to be ok with all of the above. Regardless of what your parents, friends, or society have imposed on you via various methods.


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Know Yourself: Why is it important?

As Aristotle once stated, “Knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

And consequently the starting point of an authentic and meaningful life. Recognizing your feelings, wants, motives, abilities, and goals is a key factor in positioning yourself in the world as a unique creature and building your unique life without fear or guilt.

The clearer you see yourself, the more confident you will feel which leads to making wiser decisions, fostering healthier relationships, and working towards self-actualization, that after all is the ultimate purpose of your life on this planet.

To make a long story short, knowing thyself is a life-changing experience that can have a huge transformative impact.

What will you gain?

Know Yourself: How can you master the art of “knowing yourself”?

Understand that self-knowledge is a life-long journey and not a task to be completed in a day or two.

It is a continuous process that takes dedication and strong will. It requires from you to switch off the auto-pilot mode and switch on to a more conscious and introspecting way of living.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Now, here are the 3 basic steps you need to follow to achieve self-knowledge.

Know Yourself Step 1: Self-observance

The first and most crucial step is to start practicing consistent and non-judgmental self-observance. To establish an inner dialogue with yourself backed up with a compassionate touch.

How did you respond to that waiter? Do you feel drained after hanging out with your friend “X”? Do you go to work every day in good spirits or not? Do you still love your spouse or do you feel stuck in that marriage? Do you really need that extra fancy pair of shoes you just saw in the window store?

These are all examples of how you can observe yourself and get to know him better. But you should not condemn your behavior or feelings by any means. Put your inner critic to sleep and just observe.


"Everything will line up perfectly when knowing and living the truth becomes more important than looking good"

Know Yourself Step 2: Self-awareness

Once you start observing yourself you can proceed to the next step which is that of self-awareness. Now you are waking up. And you start diving more deeply into yourself. This is when you are beginning to meet the real you.

Self-inquiry and contemplation are the foundation of self-awareness. Keep in mind though that your approach here should be more of an innocent, almost child-like curiosity with an openness to receive the answers from within.

Why did you respond rudely to the waiter? Were you already upset with something else? Or you felt mistreated and you lashed out? Do you meet up with friend “X” out of mere obligation since you know him for ages even though you only hear him complaining about his life?

Do you love your job or do you just put up with it just to pay your rent? Did you buy that fancy pair of shoes just to impress your coworkers? What do you want to achieve 5 years from now? What makes you happy?

These questions will help you uncover hidden motives, beliefs, and desires so you can distinguish what is truly yours and what has been imposed on you.

But you need to be honest with yourself. I mean brutally honest. Otherwise, this step won’t work. Keeping a self-awareness journal where you can write down freely your inner thoughts and emotions along with practicing meditation daily can also do wonders.

Know Yourself Step 3: Self-acceptance

The third step is the step of self-acceptance. Now you are beginning to come to terms with your true wants and needs, your deeper desires and beliefs so you can fully accept yourself while getting rid of shame, guilt, and other people’s expectations.

And it is from this point on that you can start making changes in the way you behave, you treat yourself and others, and the way you are living your life.

You can start saying more “no” to things that don’t serve you, forming better boundaries, putting more effort to improve your strong points, working on your flaws, and setting goals for the future.

Self-acceptance brings peace of mind and puts you in the right place in this world. It also enhances your self-esteem and helps you navigate better the ups and downs of life.


"Be yourself — not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be"

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Getting to know Yourself: a journey that never ends

Knowledge of self is a never-ending process. But a process with many rewards the most important of them being the creation of an authentic life and a life worth living.

When you get to know yourself better you will see that every sector of your life will be improved. Along with your mental and psychological state. But nothing can be done without effort on your part.

Self-knowledge requires practice, self-reflection, self-analysis, and constant contemplation. It is in this way that you can align your persona (how you show up to the world) with your unconscious or true self, bringing those two in harmony.

It’s one of the most challenging skills to master in life, but it’s really worth it. And once you start getting down to it you will become fascinated with the depth that resides in you. Your shiny part and your shadow.

The more deep you dive the more uplifted you will feel. Been there, done that so I can guarantee it myself.


Know Yourself: Ready to hop on that self-discovery ride?

So, do you have the courage to get to truly know thyself?  Do you want to get to know you better, who you are at your core? If that’s the case, I am here to help.

There is no fastest way to achieve self-knowledge than having a willing and educated companion to assist you on your self-discovery journey.

An ally who can fully accept you for who you are and who can mirror back to your traits and soft spots of yours that deprive you of living an authentic life.

The good news is that I am only a free-of-charge discovery call away. In our 30-minute online connection, we will set in motion the unveiling of the layers so that your true authentic self can emerge with confidence and free of guilt. So that you can really start to know yourself.

What’s more, you can get access to all my free tools that will help you gain more insight into your deeper feelings, beliefs, and talents so you can start living your life purposefully and with meaning.

A life that reflects the real you.  Can you think of a better present to offer yourself this week?

So, while getting to know yourself may not be an easy job, life sure gets to be more fun, less complicated and definitely more fulfilling when we embrace this journey.   –Take my word for it; it’s worth it!

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"Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance"

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