5 Ways to Deal With Loneliness Over The Holidays


How To Deal With Loneliness Over The Holidays...

How do you keep your loneliness at bay? Trying to deal with loneliness over the holidays can be tricky, but it is -for sure attainable.

For most people, the Christmas holidays conjure up images of a large family gathering and a table full of delicacies. But for some, the holiday season isn’t like that. Unfortunately, many of us experience a feeling of loneliness over the holidays. 

In fact, according to scientific research about a third of people are embarrassed to admit they feel alone at Christmas. And it can make sense because it’s hard to feel alone at Christmas, especially when this holiday is considered a family matter.

“A holiday is an opportunity to journey within.”

So, how do you deal with loneliness over the holidays?

Well, if you happen to be or feel lonely this Christmas due to choice or circumstance, there’s a lot you can do to deal with loneliness over the holidays and turn lonely days into a positive experience. Read on to learn about the 5 ways to help you deal with loneliness over the holiday season.

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1. Redefine loneliness

You may be alone this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely. Actually, being alone and feeling lonely are two very different things. So, how can you redefine loneliness?

If we can accept that loneliness is in the mind and thus a state of mind which means not dependent on external circumstances like being ‘physically’ alone, then loneliness can be reshaped as a concept in our mind. So the first and most crucial step, to deal with loneliness over the holidays, is to work it in because it has to do with our perception and experience.

Loneliness is a complex emotion and so this change in perspective and mindset can take time. Which brings us to the next step.

2. Acknowledge your feelings

Why is it so hard to deal with loneliness over the holidays?Acknowledging and accepting your current state is by far the most important step for change. However, people usually don’t pay notice to how they feel, especially if the feelings are unpleasant, and prefer to avoid them and suppress inconvenient feelings.

But, this tactic sooner or later tends to backfire and results either in nasty outbursts or even worse in deterioration of your well-being (e.g., depression, anxiety, or even suicidal tendencies). This is not the way to deal with loneliness over the holidays.

So, this year if you feel isolated and lonely start by sitting with these unpleasant emotions and try to discover the root of it. Do you need a change in your life?

Have you retreated from your family and friends due to your job or other obligations and thus you lost the connection? Have you outgrown your surroundings and want to aim for better? Whatever the reason it is important to figure it out since that will help you make the changes you want to improve your life.

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3. Ask for help

If you find it difficult to deal with loneliness over the holidays is by all means completely fine. Seeking outside help and getting the support you early on can help you stay on top of your emotions so they don’t get to overwhelm you.

This help can be in the form of talking to a friend or a close family member to share your thoughts and let the steam blow off. It can also be in the form of visiting a therapist or coach who can give you the tools and strategies to help you overcome your current “under the weather” emotional state.

The help of the doctor may also be a wise choice if not necessary if the core issues derive from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety (maybe a recent loss of some kind got you in that depression spiral) and proper medication is needed to overcome them.

4. Stick to healthy habits

Maybe this sounds trivial but you should not underestimate the importance of a healthy routine and its impact on your emotional state.

Sticking to healthy habits means nourishing yourself with healthy foods, exercising regularly (dopamine – aka the happiness hormone increases during a workout), and getting plenty of sleep. This is a great way to deal with loneliness over the holidays and one of my favorites, especially with indulging over the special Christmas delicasies.

It also means abstaining from addictions of any kind (alcohol, smoking, social media, gossip), meditating (helps you calm your mind and cultivate a connection with your higher self), and practicing gratitude (which can do wonders and remind you of all the things you can be grateful for in your life).

If you are planning to practice meditation and spare some precious moments of stillness and peace of mind just for yourself why not have a companion?

My Mediation Journal has been designed to assist you with exactly this new habit of yours. It has been created by my personal experience and so its effectiveness has already been tested. And believe me, it is effective. You can find it here.

You can also begin a new habit; that cooking lesson you’ve always wanted to attend or learn Spanish so you can visit Latin America without needing translation.

You know better your wants and wishes. This new habit will bring you into contact with like-minded people while occupying your mind so that you avoid negative thoughts that can distract you or fixate on your loneliness.

Healthy habits boost your well-being and increase your confidence thus making you more attractive to yourself and others.

“It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you.”

5. Engage in charity

Engaging in charity is also a good idea to help you deal with loneliness over the holidays. After all, charity and offering volunteer work for the less privileged compacts the real meaning of Christmas.

So, volunteer at a local animal shelter or see if there is a cafe or other place that offers a Christmas meal to those people who are alone. It will not only make you feel better about yourself but will also make you feel connected to other people and thus help you overcome your loneliness.

In addition, you will get to serve your community and be an ambassador of the Christmas spirit. You will be the one to spread it.

Not enough? --Need some extra help?

No worries because you are not alone on this! I have your back.

If you like, you can download my Christmas Gift to you:  “A SEASON OF WONDER.  A Mini-Guide to Enjoying the Holidays without Losing Your Wits” and discover more tools and tips on how to deal with loneliness over the holidays and make this special time of the year really matter for you.

Christmas can trigger feelings of loneliness; it’s true. But, Christmas’s real meaning and purpose are quite the opposite: Is to feel connected and blissful. Don’t let your mindset or your surroundings deprive you of that joy.



Free Mini-Guide Gift:

“A Season Of Wonder"

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Ho-ho-Hold onto your sanity this Season!

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